Welcome to Fox News Sucks

Since purchasing this domain over a year ago I have struggled with how to use it–and have been faced with choices which I was probably a bit too lazy to deal with. Should this be a “gotcha” column? Should it be mean tempered and narrowly focused? How much work do I want put into this endeavor-should I be fact-checking on a daily/hourly basis to deal with the “information” spewed by this organization? Would I like others to join in?

I don’t have the time, nor the inclination for nasty tactics, so I am going to pull the classic “Bait and Switch”. You probably wandered over here after some monstrous piece of “journalism” and were wondering if anyone else shares this anger (unless you are a FOX lawyer, in which case I hope you don’t find anything to sue me with since I’m not rich).

So, what I’m going to try to do is take stories which were covered by FOX and attempt a straight, “fair and balanced” retelling of these stories. For this I will need your help! In the next few days I will be setting up a Contact Page and some other ways for you to sign up. I am looking for those who are not so much angry out of your minds at FOX, but from those who are appalled by the lack of journalism and fairness you have perceived available…and if we begin to get enough hits I’ll try to start making some money and would be glad to share.

As time goes by I will organize stories so they make more sense and can be found easily. As you can see, this is the bare beginning of a project that I hope never crosses the line into overt cheer-leading; I don’t want this to be a mouthpiece for any particular point of view or a source for political gain, other than by making “fair and balanced” more than a sound bite and something that readers can expect when visiting here.

Additionally, I will be adding a brief post which posits my own pet peeves concerning FOX (and by the way, many of these same criticisms could be made towards other news organizations–I just think FOX is a bit more damaging to our political fabric in that it is seen and believed by more Americans than any other news source), and would invite your responses. If you think I, or others cross the line and are being unfair in criticisms, you are also invited to say so-but please, we have had enough yelling and badmouthing, thus the birth of FOX NEWS SUCKS.

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